Trapped Animal Records is an artist-led record label, founded by three musicians who live dual lives as radio producers, music managers and digital gurus. We have experienced the music and arts industries from low and high levels, and we have seen what we like about the music business and what we don't like about it.

This record label is the product of that experience and our associated disquiet.

We are here to support under-represented songwriters and groups who write exceptional songs. We stand against discrimination in all its forms and aim to catapult artists from any background, culture or social demographic. We build foundations for our artists through our diligence, passion and focus.

We are against corporate censorship and will not impose it on our artists.


if you feel trapped, you are in an unpleasant situation

in which you lack freedom, and you feel you cannot escape from it


a living organism that feeds on organic matter,

typically having specialised sense organs and nervous system

and able to respond rapidly to stimuli


thin plastic discs carrying recorded sound

in grooves on each surface,

for reproduction by a record player

The label actually started life as a club night in London, promoting gig lineups focused on featuring one of our founder's artists he was managing - Let's Talk Daggers, at that time Trapped Animal was just one person.

Things started to lose control as Trapped Animal gained a reputation for hosting awesome gigs, the diary started to get way too full! We even did a couple of shows in Brighton and Cambridge... eventually, things sprawled out to include an acoustic club night too at The Slaughtered Lamb.

Somewhere along this hazy journey, Trapped Animal found The Baby Seals, expanding the team to three people. The urge to release their music was too great to resist, but time was sparse with all the shows! Realising it was time to calm down, we did just that; in 2017 we founded a new record label inspired by the underground punk and folk scenes that gave birth to Trapped Animal. Our first vinyl release was the double a-side Flowers / Vehicle by Maija Sofia and Kerry Devine.

Most of the above artwork & our logo by the genius that is Jacob Tomlinson