Siv Disa - Dreamhouse

  • Siv Disa - Dreamhouse
  • Siv Disa - Dreamhouse
  • Siv Disa - Dreamhouse

Siv Disa - Dreamhouse

Dreamhouse is the otherworldly debut from Siv Disa.

“psychedelic pop that converges the encompassing textures of Broadcasts with Joanna Newsom’s pleasantly off-kilter melodies” - Line Of Best Fit

Siv Disa, the Chinese-American New York singer currently residing in Iceland has announced her debut album, Dreamhouse on UK based label Trapped Animal.

Dreamhouse is available on Sky Blue 180GSM vinyl, Digipak CD and Digital. The Artwork like the photos & videos was conceived by Siv Disa. The album’s artwork features a dreamy hand painted dollhouse—the front image is a photograph of a tangerine sherbet living-room-in-miniature, complete with a teacup table and a glowing salt shaker lamp. The artist herself is hanging on the wall ensconced in a gilded frame overlooking the tableau.

The back cover explores the same dollhouse, from a distance: there’s a garden in the basement, a maze of threads in the gallery, and a small ocean in the bathroom. A callback to the intricate maximalism of 70’s psychedelia and Neo-art nouveau, there are layers of details embedded into each room for the viewer to discover. In the artist’s own words: “I wanted to create a journey through the album. The songs are curated to be experienced that way: the record goes from most familiar to least familiar. Each song is a room, drawing you deeper into the house itself, and I wanted the artwork to support the music. The idea of getting to design a real vinyl record cover to house these songs was too enticing a job to leave to anybody else. I went to a thrift shop and bought a dollhouse, and a bunch of odds and ends like fake flowers, tiny picture frames, and a ship in a bottle. I spent a week installing lights, covering my living room with paint, and burning my fingers with hot glue to get this thing just right. It lives in my living room now, actually. I’m thinking of relocating it to my front window though. Each room contains visual allusions to different songs- their titles or their lyrics. I mentioned one of them already, so I’ll leave listeners to find the rest.”

“...a haunting feel, while her warm, soft voice invites the listener into even the darkest of stories…Fear is an embodiment of this distinct sound she’s mastered.” – Audiofemme

“profound lyrics flow from an ethereal plane, it’s an utterly captivating offering” - Get In Her Ears

Track Listing

  1. Whistle
  2. Paintedceiling
  3. Fear
  4. Music In The Streets
  5. Sorry
  6. My My
  7. Breathing
  8. Beat 7
  9. In the Hills

Pressing Information

500 Limited Edition Sky Blue 12" Vinyl (180GSM)
CD Digipak

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