The Baby Seals // Dream Nails // The Menstrual Cramps 28 February 2019

Yea, that's three of the best bands in the UK out on tour together!

Revolving headliner!

The Menstrual Cramps headline in Bristol

Dream Nails headline in London

The Baby Seals headline in Cambridge

Tickets on sale Monday!

Pink Mirror (Single) Out Feb 8th 29 January 2019

Following the success of first single ‘Bad Lover’, Jeremy Tuplin releases title track ‘Pink Mirror’ on 8 February via Trapped Animal Records & Cargo Records from his forthcoming album.

Talking of the single, Tuplin describes his process as “as a songwriter, or maybe just in general, I like to observe and try to understand; so, this 'pink mirror' idea came to me as an observational thing that seemed to explain aspects human behaviour, relating to conscience mainly - both individual and collective. It works to different degrees and vast extremes, as the examples in the song suggests, but at the end of the day that's all it is, a pop song.”

The track describes, with some hilarity and some darkness, the idea of cognitive dissonance; of holding two contradictory belief in one’s head.By looking in the pink mirror, which makes everything rosy, one can gloss over dark deeds and thoughts in an instant.

First single ‘Bad Lover’, released in November 2018, went down a storm, thanks no doubt to the accompanying video of Tuplin performing with a backing band of ironically-yawning hipsters.For The Rabbits said of the track, “Jaunty guitars, group backing vocals so wonderful the Ronettes would be proud of them, and rolling basslines; it’s Jeremy Tuplin sure, but as we’ve never seen him before.”The track went on to top many a Spotify playlist and video round-up, with Americana UK writing that it was “ridiculously catchy, has great lyrics and a fun video to accompany it.”

COMEHEREFLOYD are premiering the track NOW! HERE

Jeremy Tuplin releases free download of 'Just Cos Ur Handsome' 31 October 2018

Treat yourself to a sneaky peek of Jeremy Tuplin's forthcoming album with Trapped Animal. Download 'Just Cos Ur Handsome' for free on Jeremy's bandcamp page to get your cosmic fix today! First single 'Bad Lover' will be dropping soon after (23/11), but in the meantime, get yourselves down to see him in London (07/11, Amersham Arms) and Cambridge (15/11, The Blue Moon).

Jeremy Tuplin sings 'Just Cos Ur Handsome', in a bathroom 26 October 2018

A few weeks ago we invited Jeremy down to the Trapped Animal garden to sing us some songs.

Kerry and Jeremy setting up.

Unfortunately, the incessant dulcet singing of the birds in the garden and peaceful country breeze ruined the recording, so we shut Jeremy in the bathroom for an hour to sing and made him some soup.

Here's a stream of the song:


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Jeremy Tuplin signs to Trapped Animal for new album 'Pink Mirror' 23 October 2018

We're incredibly excited to announce a new addition to the Trapped Animal family!

Jeremy Tuplin writes witty, otherworldly songs. With his deep velvet-like voice and sultry, hazy guitars he has created a truly beautiful record. 'Pink Mirror' has rich, deep layers both within Jeremy's song lyrics and structures and his slick production style, it's a BANGER of an album and we can't wait to bring it to y'all!

Jeremy says on the album: I'd describe 'Pink Mirror', the album, as a jovial sojourn through some of human nature's so-called dark sides. It's a satirical look at representations of love, desire, vanity, society, the internet and more in the modern world. The concept 'Pink Mirror' itself, as explained in the song as it's the title track, is a social-commentary attempt to get behind the rose-tinted exterior to explore the grittier reality - and branching from that some tracks adopt different personas and others are much more personal.

Here's an exclusive live video of one of the album tracks: 'The Beast'.

We will be releasing the first single from this album - 'Bad Lover' on November the 23.

'Pink Mirror' will release via Trapped Animal & Cargo Records on April 5 2019.

Follow Jeremy on his socials for an exclusive download from the album later this week.




Clash Music - “A cosmic gem”

The Telegraph Culture - “A distinctive, deep vocal that has hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan”

BBC 6 Music – Tom Robinson – "Unconventional, conversational and intimate”

Jeremy will be performing live at The Half Moon in Putney on Monday 29th October.

The Baby Seals Summer Update 23 July 2018

The Baby Seals have had their busiest year yet. They’ve squeezed all of the annual leave out of their work places and poured themselves into Kerry’s car, ready and primed to hit the great gig venues of the United Kingdom and northern Europe. They have secured some excellent festival slots, at Femrock Fest Brighton, Derbyshire’s Indietracks and Loud Women Fest III. They’ve sold out of the first run of their self-titled EP and are releasing a special edition, which will help raise funds for Bloody Good Period. Last but not least, the band will be setting off on their first tour of the European mainland. They’ve landed gigs in Duisberg, Köln, Antwerp and Amsterdam amongst others.

Festival news

They kicked-off (geddit) their summer with a headline slot at Femrock Fest Brighton, sharing the bill with Sit Down, Charmpit and Militant Girlfriend. Brighton’s Finest described the band’s performance as “Body positivity and patriarchy smashing, they made me genuinely laugh, and also cry at the overwhelming feeling of solidarity amongst the crowd.”

Hoping to replicate this feeling, they’re heading towards a slot at the coveted Indietracks festival in Derbyshire. Catch them at the Church stage on the Sunday sharing a bill with Sink Ya Teeth, Lovely Eggs and Dream Wife. In anticipation of this, the band have been invited to two warm-up gigs, in Cambridge and Ipswich respectively.

Onto August, the seals will be turning their attention to Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool, after a night of supporting Dream Nails in Manchester and Leeds. When questioned, the seals said they were intending to simultaneously smash the patriarch whilst ramming candyfloss down their gobs. I don’t know about you, but we’re excited to see how that plays out.

Last, but by no means least, The Baby Seals have been invited to return to Loud Women Fest. This will be the third incarnation of the London-based Female LGBTQ organisation’s fabulous festival. Catch it at The Dome in Tufnell Park.

Special edition EP

Having sold out of the original run, the seals have released a special edition of their debut EP which includes Masturbation Month inspired-track Vibrator. The band have teamed up with Bloody Good Period, who supply menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can’t afford them. 10% of all proceeds from the special edition EP will go to this important organisation.

Empowerpop European Tour

Everyone knows that all good tours start with a good warm-up. At The Blue Moon on 14 October, The Baby Seals will be headlining, for the first time in Cambridge, UK this year with support from the excellently named DoYouThinkHeSaurus?. Once they’ve recovered from that, the girls are starting their European mainland tour in Folkstone, before heading over the waters to Djazz in Duisberg on Saturday 20 October. With a currently TBC stopover in Amsterdam on the 19th, before heading to play in Bielefeld, Germany on Tuesday 23rd. The countdown to the weekend begins Thursday 25th at Juz in Manheim and then Friday 26th at Illusion in Bamberg. Saturday 27th sees the seals play their penultimate gig in Köln at Limes before they head off to Antwerp on Sunday 28th for the final date of the tour.

Forthcoming Live Dates:

24 July / Cambridge / The Blue Moon (w/ The Smittens)

27-29 July / Indie Tracks Festival Derby

3 August / Wharf Chambers Leeds (w/ Dream Nails)

4 August / The Peer Hat (w/ Dream Nails) Manchester

5 August / Rebellion Punk Festival Blackpool

11 August / Smokehouse / Ipswich (w/ Shark Muffin)

15 September / Loudwomen Fest / The Dome London

Empower Pop Tour

October 2018

Sun 14 October / UK / Cambridge / The Blue Moon

Thu 18 UK / FolkStone / Lady Luck

Fri 19 NL / Amsterdam TBA

Sat 20 DE / Duisburg / Djazz

Sun/Mon 21 or 22 (looking for a show)

Tue 23 DE / Bielefeld / Potemkin

Wed 24 (looking for a show)

Thu 25 DE / Manheim / Jüz

Fri 26 DE / Bamberg / Illusion

Sat 27 De / Cologne / Limes

Sun 28 BE / Antwerp / TBA

'Away From Mountains' by Kerry Devine Release 11 May 2018 1 April 2018

“A deeply atmospheric cut, echoes the soft darkness of Daughter.” - DIY

Following spellbinding performances at Cambridge Folk Festival and Secret Garden Party last summer Kerry Devine announces the release of her debut album ‘Away From Mountains’ on 11 May via Trapped Animal.

‘Away From Mountains’ is profoundly inspired by the Fenland landscape and the stillness and history that inhabit the ancient and wild fens in the East of England. As Devine expands: “When you’re there and you're still you can hear so many different sounds, so many different layers, so I wanted to create something that sounded like that, that had the depth and the richness but also very sparse. This place comforts me, I wanted to create a kind of sound womb that the listener could come into and be comforted too.”

Recorded live in the stillness of night in an empty Northamptonshire church the album exudes a haunting quality. Inspired by artists such as John Martyn, Devine’s ethereal vocal – which has raised comparisons to Beth Orton – is used as an instrument, interweaved with simmering strings and acoustic guitar. A self-proclaimed audiophile ‘Away From Mountains’ also includes samples of nature and sounds of human existence such as trains pulling up and old barrels being played as drums.

Lyrically nature is also omnipresent throughout 'Away From Mountains', often used as subtle metaphors for Devine’s own inner conflicts married with themes of nostalgia, death and rebirth and the passage of time. Lines in the Landscape, for example, chronicles how the Fenland fields once belonged to the sea, but since banishment by drainage there's a foreboding sense of pull-push between land and water. In parallel, the song deals with unrequited love, of falling for someone who isn’t falling for you and the sense of being stuck in an emotional no-man’s land just like the water. Closed Roads deals with the death of a friendship and also the aging and dementia of Devine's Grandfather with reflections on the cycle of life.

Over the last 18 months, Devine has been honing her sound whilst playing live with performances at Fête De La Music Festival in Rennes, France and UK festivals such as aforementioned Secret Garden Party and Cambridge Folk Festival. She has also performed various shows across Ireland and the UK including a performance at Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room as support to Nadine Shah and Eliza and the Bear. She has garnered early support from Amazing Radio (“An amazing talent far beyond her years. A haunting melodic sound.”), BBC Radio Cambridge and BBC Radio 2, with Mark Radcliffe including Devine’s music in his Folk Playlist 2017.

Following the successful release of album teasers Work You (as premiered on DIY) and Vehicle which was released as a double-a side single with Maija Sofia, both out in January this year, Devine’s long-player 'Away From Mountains' will be released on 11 May (12” vinyl/CD/digital) via Trapped Animal. The album was recorded in Fotheringhay Church in Oundle Northamptonshire by Jes Kerr, who also mixed the record, and mastered at Metropolis, with the exception of Work You which was produced by Benny Turner and Closed Roads which was recorded by Benny Turner at Chime Studios in Peterborough.