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Maija Sofia - Bath Time
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  • Maija Sofia - Bath Time

Maija Sofia - Bath Time
£7.00 - £20.00

Bath Time: The debut album from Maija Sofia.

Following the success of lo-fi dream-pop single ‘Flowers’, Maija Sofia releases her debut album ‘Bath Time’ out on Trapped Animal Records. Sofia took inspiration from story-driven traditional folk ballads and shone them through the lens of a punk DIY ethos. The album name comes from the ritual of daily bathing, a whimsical place where most of the lyrics were written. The album deals with the ways in which women's voices, stories and desires have been sidelined and misrepresented throughout history. From Edie Sedgwick to Bridget Cleary, Sofia's songs imagine a world in which silenced women speak back.

'Maija Sofia is set to release a new offering from the forthcoming record. A sumptuous and standout single ‘The Glitter’ will drop 4th October. The single is a soaring success, a truly delicate and delectable offering from this courageous artist. Soulful and lustful vocals fit the bittersweet story telling lyrics and a bold orchestration of soothing guitars and wailing violins, together this showcases the harmonious range Sofia captures. You’ll be hooked. The atmospherical single proves that Maija Sofia deserves to be on bills with the likes of Cat Power, Feist, Laura Marling etc. Her vocal range is empowering and enchanting, whatever the storyline to the songs, Sofia will captivate and share the message far and wide.'
Circuit Sweet

'An essential new release to get obsessed with' - DIY magazine, 2018
‘A heavenly blend of lo-fi and dream pop. Think Jesus and Mary Chain meets Angel Olsen.’
- Hot Press, 2018

"A real timeless quality is rare in so much of modern music, but the delicate timbre of Maija Sofia's music is impossible to ascribe to a particular moment. She doesn't occupy an easily identifiable space - there are few genres which could accurately pinpoint her sound - and the ease with which she weaves grand tales of mythos into short and delicate folk tunes suggests a true finesse. Her subject matter is seldom trivial - abuse, mythological stories, feminism and loss are considered with a confident serenity [...] Fans of Sofia wait with bated breath for the release of her first full-length LP in 2019."

- Andrea Cleary, The Irish Times '50 People to Watch in 2019'

Track Listing

  1. The Gold Shoes
  2. Hail Mary
  3. Edie Sedgwick
  4. The Wife Of Michael Cleary
  5. The Glitter
  6. Cobweb
  7. Morning
  8. Elizabeth
  9. The Trees They Do Grow High

Pressing Information

100 x Limited Edition Blue at 180 GSM
200 x Black VInyl 140 GSM
250 x CD Jewel Case

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