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Jemma Freeman on your Phone 2 August 2019

Find a Place out today!

Video best viewed on your Phone with headphones

Jemma says on the video.

When I first started doing drag it was as little experiments on my phone that were held secretly within the privacy of that device. I like the idea that one of the most powerful objects we have as modern people is a tiny piece of handheld technology. With a few insignificant swipes, information can be shared that devastates or elevates lives.

It's been the place where I've saved myself from being erased, conversations online with friends and more importantly strangers where I developed my secret queer life before I was confident it could ever exist in reality. It's an object I have both a fascination and a fear of, I can become lazy or demotivated sometimes and it serves as a vortex of distraction or it has helped me be creative when I've been too unwell to be able to find the energy to use more traditional tools to either record music or make art.

I filmed it all on my mobile and the initial editing, effects and grading were all created with free apps within it. I like the idea that our mobiles are both a place of absolute privacy but the tool that we use to share our most intimate thoughts with strangers.

When I first started to realise I was queer, it was my sanctuary and only means of expression and exploration. I wanted the video in its pillar-box format to feel personal, like I've sent a message late at night to a friend about my latest experiment and look.

Find a Place by Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something is out now on digital via Cargo Records.

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Album Announcement: 'Bath Time' by Maija Sofia 27 June 2019

Trapped Animal Records announce Maija Sofia’s debut album ‘Bath Time’ with lyric video and free download of ‘Edie Sedgwick’

We first heard Maija circa 2016/17, whilst taking a train and bumbling around the internet listening to random artists. We immediately wrote to her to ask if she'd play our of our nights... and Maija featured on our first release - a split single Jan 2018. Bath Time is a beautiful collection of songs that are poetry and We're extremely honoured that Maija has picked us to represent her for this release

As a taster of what’s to come from her debut album, Maija Sofia will be releasing album track ‘Edie Sedgwick’ as a lyric video and free download, available for free via Maija’s bandcamp. The debut album ‘Bath Time’ is to be released in Autumn 2019.

Of the track, Maija says: “The song is about the demise of a relationship that was spiralling beyond anything that I could salvage. I wrote it during a summer I spent in London, living in my grandmother’s empty flat entirely in solitude while trying to get away from my ‘real life’ in Dublin, it’s about the realisation of having lost oneself in the process of caring for someone else. Edie Sedgwick was famously a ‘muse’ for Andy Warhol, I think she found her way into the song as I was thinking about the ways our identities can be shaped by other people, and how the ways we are represented is symptomatic of power dynamics, how there is a power to portraying a certain narrative.”

With Edie Sedgwick, Maija wanted to strike a balance between a heavily produced single and the “atmospheric night-time melancholy” of bedroom demos. She called in cellist Laura McCabe (Molly Sterling) and lap steel player Niall Murphy (Oh Boland) to complete the magic and the track was recorded in at Ailfionn Studio, Dublin, with engineer Chris Barry. The lyric video is made up from archive train journey footage Maija took during her stay in London and “liked the idea of displaying words over the landscapes I was looking out at while they were being written”.

Praise for Maija Sofia

"A real timeless quality is rare in so much of modern music, but the delicate timbre of Maija Sofia's music is impossible to ascribe to particular moment. She doesn't occupy an easily identifiable space - there are few genres which could accurately pinpoint her sound - and the ease with which she weaves grand tales of mythos into short and delicate folk tunes suggests a true finesse. Her subject matter is seldom trivial - abuse, mythological stories, feminism and loss are considered with a confident serenity [...] Fans of Sofia wait with bated breath for the release of her first full-length LP in 2019."

- Andrea Cleary, The Irish Times '50 People to Watch in 2019'

'An essential new release to get obsessed with' - DIY magazine, 2018

‘A heavenly blend of lo-fi and dream pop. Think Jesus and Mary Chain meets Angel Olsen.’ - Hot Press, 2018


Connect with Maija via Facebook @maijasofiamusic / Instagram @maijasofiamakela / Twitter @maija_sofia

Press contact: /

Jeremy Tuplin releases free download of 'Just Cos Ur Handsome' 31 October 2018

Treat yourself to a sneaky peek of Jeremy Tuplin's forthcoming album with Trapped Animal. Download 'Just Cos Ur Handsome' for free on Jeremy's bandcamp page to get your cosmic fix today! First single 'Bad Lover' will be dropping soon after (23/11), but in the meantime, get yourselves down to see him in London (07/11, Amersham Arms) and Cambridge (15/11, The Blue Moon).

'Away From Mountains' by Kerry Devine Release 11 May 2018 1 April 2018

“A deeply atmospheric cut, echoes the soft darkness of Daughter.” - DIY

Following spellbinding performances at Cambridge Folk Festival and Secret Garden Party last summer Kerry Devine announces the release of her debut album ‘Away From Mountains’ on 11 May via Trapped Animal.

‘Away From Mountains’ is profoundly inspired by the Fenland landscape and the stillness and history that inhabit the ancient and wild fens in the East of England. As Devine expands: “When you’re there and you're still you can hear so many different sounds, so many different layers, so I wanted to create something that sounded like that, that had the depth and the richness but also very sparse. This place comforts me, I wanted to create a kind of sound womb that the listener could come into and be comforted too.”

Recorded live in the stillness of night in an empty Northamptonshire church the album exudes a haunting quality. Inspired by artists such as John Martyn, Devine’s ethereal vocal – which has raised comparisons to Beth Orton – is used as an instrument, interweaved with simmering strings and acoustic guitar. A self-proclaimed audiophile ‘Away From Mountains’ also includes samples of nature and sounds of human existence such as trains pulling up and old barrels being played as drums.

Lyrically nature is also omnipresent throughout 'Away From Mountains', often used as subtle metaphors for Devine’s own inner conflicts married with themes of nostalgia, death and rebirth and the passage of time. Lines in the Landscape, for example, chronicles how the Fenland fields once belonged to the sea, but since banishment by drainage there's a foreboding sense of pull-push between land and water. In parallel, the song deals with unrequited love, of falling for someone who isn’t falling for you and the sense of being stuck in an emotional no-man’s land just like the water. Closed Roads deals with the death of a friendship and also the aging and dementia of Devine's Grandfather with reflections on the cycle of life.

Over the last 18 months, Devine has been honing her sound whilst playing live with performances at Fête De La Music Festival in Rennes, France and UK festivals such as aforementioned Secret Garden Party and Cambridge Folk Festival. She has also performed various shows across Ireland and the UK including a performance at Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room as support to Nadine Shah and Eliza and the Bear. She has garnered early support from Amazing Radio (“An amazing talent far beyond her years. A haunting melodic sound.”), BBC Radio Cambridge and BBC Radio 2, with Mark Radcliffe including Devine’s music in his Folk Playlist 2017.

Following the successful release of album teasers Work You (as premiered on DIY) and Vehicle which was released as a double-a side single with Maija Sofia, both out in January this year, Devine’s long-player 'Away From Mountains' will be released on 11 May (12” vinyl/CD/digital) via Trapped Animal. The album was recorded in Fotheringhay Church in Oundle Northamptonshire by Jes Kerr, who also mixed the record, and mastered at Metropolis, with the exception of Work You which was produced by Benny Turner and Closed Roads which was recorded by Benny Turner at Chime Studios in Peterborough.